Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Los Angeles County set a new high temperature as a cooling sea breeze remained trapped offshore, according to the National Weather Service. Source
Cuban-born businessman Maximo Alvarez, who delivered a stirring address at last month's Republican National Convention, warned Wednesday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is being "influenced by radical people." Source
Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called it an "effort to sow doubt on the validity of the election with the later aim, probably, of not accepting defeat,” Source
The Indian military has alerted China to allegations five men were "abducted" by the People's Liberation Army near the countries' hotly-disputed border in the Himalayas, an Indian official said Sunday. Source
Here's the latest about Sunday, September 6th: Demonstrators march in Belarus; More than 200 airlifted to safety amid California wildfires; Pope denounces internal gossiping; Portuguese Communist Party's festival draws small numbers. (Sep. 6) Source
President Trump will try to put the media on the ballot, and reporters face the increasing temptation to posture for those most eager to oust him. Source
The son of sharecroppers, Brock attended a one-room schoolhouse, but was inspired by possibilities beyond the poverty and segregation of the rural South. Source
As demand continues to surge at food banks, the federal government is preparing to spend another $1.5 billion on a program that has provided a key source of fresh food to charities this summer as they work to feed...
Highlights of this day in history: Nazi Blitz on Britain begins in World War II; Mobutu Sese Seko dies; Panama Canal Treaties signed; Rapper Tupac Shakur shot; ESPN debuts; Pro Football Hall of Fame dedicated; Rock star Buddy...
Djokovic was disqualified after a lengthy discussion with officials in the latest recent misadventure for the top men’s player in tennis. Source
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