Saturday, September 26, 2020
“They’re using what is overly general language in the law to justify a massive, unprecedented expansion to collect really personal information," one former immigration official said. Source
Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday said there were positive aspects in the proposed merger of Spanish lenders Caixabank and state-owned Bankia. Source
Erin Bailey lost her business and was unable to find a new job while her children were forced to stay at home by school closures Source
The Erie rally had a better ending than a similar event on Saturday in Texas, where five boats sank at a parade in support of Trump's reelection bid. Source
Novichok, a nerve agent, is blamed. It's the same poison that was used on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Britain in 2018, and the finding will further raise suspicion about a Kr Source
The core demands of protesters have been fresh elections, a new constitution and an end to intimidation of political activists. Source
Banned candidates. Arrested lawmakers. Cancelled elections. What remains of democracy in Hong Kong? Source
“We had to splash water on our hair because our hair was catching on fire,” one evacuee said of the harrowing escape from the Creek Fire. The governor declared an emergency. Source
Reflections on covering Emmanuel Macron’s visits to Beirut, where the professional and personal collide. Source
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