Saturday, September 26, 2020
Banned candidates. Arrested lawmakers. Cancelled elections. What remains of democracy in Hong Kong? Source
A New Hampshire woman walked into a polling station with a political T-shirt – then pulled it off and voted topless when officials informed her of a ban on campaign clothing, according to local reports. Source
“They’re using what is overly general language in the law to justify a massive, unprecedented expansion to collect really personal information," one former immigration official said. Source
Planners need to look beyond technocratic solutions as they rise to the challenges posed by climate change. Source
Belgian police made arrests and dispersed crowds after some 350 people protested against mask-wearing and other anti-coronavirus measures in Brussels on Sunday. About 1,000 people also held similar protests in Rome on Saturday, following much bigger demon... Source
"We came in after a government and negotiating team that had blinked and had its bluff called at critical moments and the EU had learned not to take our word seriously," British Brexit negotiator David Frost told the Mail...
"The attitude shown by the EU in the eastern Mediterranean will be a test of sincerity from the perspective of international law and regional peace," Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said after a phone call with EU Council head...
He also dismissed rumors he’s being pushed out of his job. Source
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