Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Ginsburg's death has set off debate in the United States over whether her replacement should be named before or after the presidential election. Source
After an unexpected Covid-19 induced seven month stay in Peru, Jesse Katayama is finally crossing "visit Machu Picchu" off of his bucket list. Source
Consumer electronics brand embraces functionality over bells and whistles as it seeks to stand out in competitive market in a campaign by SuperHeroes. Source
Los Angeles County set a new high temperature as a cooling sea breeze remained trapped offshore, according to the National Weather Service. Source
Norway is going to stop easing coronavirus curbs for the moment and could be forced to bring back tougher measures following a recent rise in the ... Source
Negotiations on the EU budget - between the parliament and member states - and on Brexit continue. Meanwhile, MEPs are voicing concern about travelling to Strasbourg during the pandemic for the parliament's next plenary session. Source
Scientists launched clinical trials to see if a malaria drug could prevent COVID-19. What happened next shows how politicized and disorganized coronavirus research has become. Source
Cuban-born businessman Maximo Alvarez, who delivered a stirring address at last month's Republican National Convention, warned Wednesday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is being "influenced by radical people." Source
England's Football Association and leagues have urged the government to allow fans to return to stadiums, assuring supporters in an open letter ... Source
Tensions between the two countries in the technology space heated up over the weekend with the U.S. considering blacklisting China's largest chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation or SMIC. Source
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