Wednesday, September 23, 2020
If Battery Day went as planned, two bulls would look like geniuses. But this is Tesla — nothing goes according to plan. Source
I don't understand it. Source
Some off beat reads for the weekend: 2020 is not 1962 (Maroof Raza) China draws comparison to Imperial Japan ( Katsuji Nakazawa) Justice Arun Mishra: An assessment (Bar & Bench) The India XI wh… Source
I wanted to strengthen my understanding as well as my readers’ on CPF lump sum withdrawal from age 55 after my last post on whether you can withdraw ALL excess money from your CPF SA / OA account after meeting...
Last week's other top-gaining mining stocks on the TSXV were North American Nickel, Strikepoint Gold, Allegiant Gold and Golden Goliath. Source
Anonymous consultants on why they're bailing on Seth Klarman after years of missing the bull market. Source
The global economy is likely not headed for any major slowdown due to COVID-19 but piled-up storage and uncertainty over China's oil demand cloud ... Source
Financial news and investment ideas by TipRanks research team. Investment news based on TipRanks market leading research tools. Source
What could disrupt Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google or Facebook enough to knock them off their pedestals? Source
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